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Oracle Apps R12 ERP/EBS Dump Installation

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Oracle APPS R12 ERP/EBS Dump Installation At 500/- Only

At your Computer/Laptop
On VMware Workstation with fully support on Windows-7 64bit.

Just Need
Above/At least 4GB Ram, 300GB free space in hardisk, 64bit windows 7 operating system.
Install in only 500/- Rs.

Installation Time need 3hr only.
Same day installation on VMware Workstation.

On Installation You get
Form Builder
BI Publisher
Oracle Workflow
And Many More For Oracle Apps Practice...


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Javascript Tutorial eBook, learn Javascript via PDF

Free Javascript Books
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Free eBooks Download For Javascript

                             Today I am provide all books for Javascript in pdf. This page contains all free download pdf books which is importance to learn javascript. You know every scripting language are used to perform the validation. By these books of Javascript in pdf  u can learn all the concept of Javascript. These pdf's are esy to downloadable and easy to understand. I am providing complete reference for javascript in pdf in below:

Javascript in pdf Click on link to Download
Javascript in PDF Click here to Download
Click here
Click here
JavaScript Examples Bible
Click here
JavaScript web_languages
Click here
HTML and Javascript-Visibooks
Click here
Click here
CoreRefrence Java-script-reference-guide
Click here
Learn JavaScript Programe
Click here
JavaScript Design
Click here
JavaScript and Ajax - Personal Web Server
Click here
Acrobat JavaScript Scripting Guide - Adobe Partners
Click here
Click here
JavaScript: A Crash Course - Custom Training Courses
Click here
Download JavaScript Reference
Click here
JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference
Click here
Javascript Quick Reference Card - Cheat Sheet
Click here
JavaScript Bible 5th Edition Quick Reference
Click here
JavaScript Quick Reference IT, CS.
Click here

For Html with Javascript in pdf Download

Html with Javascript in PDF Click here to Download
HTML and JavaScript for Visual Learners
Click here
JavaScript Basics & HTML DOM
Click here|

For More Detail for Javascript in PDF Click Below:
For History: (CLICK HERE)


HTML free ebook pdf download, HTML5 free ebook pdf download

Free eBooks For HTML
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HTML Free eBooks
HTML eBook Description
                 This page provides HTML free ebooks for Complete reference.The purpose of providing these book is you don't search more and more Complete stuff is i making in one page. Their is all HTML free ebooks is their.
                Starting of HTML all the leaner, understandable, cleaner, and more efficient code you have think for is available now with HTML5, along with latest new tools that will allow you to create more meaningful, beautiful and richer content. For everyone involved in developing HTML websites or web design, this book also introduces the new structural integrity, simple, easy to understand and styling flexibility of CSS3 - which means better understanding,  looking pages and smarter content for your website projects. I am also providing HTML free ebooks with many ebooks pdf they are Linux/UnixJAVAJava Interview Questions, Oracle and Android Mateials.
For Html Free eBooks Downloads Click on  Download Links

Free Download HTML Books Click To Download
Basic HTML
Click here
Basic HTML Programming
Click here
HTML-4.0 Specifications
Click here
HTML Programming Step by Step
Click here
HTML Tutorials
Click here
HTML quick reference
Click here
HTML quick reference guide
Click here

For HTML5 Free eBooks Downloads Click on  Download Links

Free Download HTML Books Click To Download
Introduction to HTML5
Click here
Start Here! Learn HTML5 pdf
Click here
Head First HTML5 pdf
Click here
Introduction to HTML5--Voice that Matter
Click here
HTML5 Tutorial Books
Click here
Dive into HTML5 (pdf) - Web
Click here
HTML5 Quick Learning Guide
Click here
HTML5 Overviews
Click here
Teach Yourself HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours pdf
Click here

For HTML with CSS Free eBooks Downloads Click on  Download Links

Free Download HTML with CSS Books Click To Download
Cascading Style Sheets™ (CSS)
Click here
Learn HTML and CSS: An Absolute Beginner's Guide
Click here
HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference, Fifth edition
Click here
Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ...
Click here
How to create Web sites and applications with HTML, CSS
Click here
Begining HTML and CSS
Click here
HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design Cookbook
Click here
Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 pdf
Click here
Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns pdf
Click here
New Perspectives on HTML and CSS: Comprehensive, 6th ed.
Click here

For More Information Refer Below Links:

You want to know about HTML history And More: (Click here)
You want to know about HTML5 history And More: (Click here)
You want to know about CSS history And More: (Click here)
You want to know about CSS3 history And More: (Click here)

Android development tutorial eBook, Audio books

Android Next Generation
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Android Interview Questions and Answers

Android Development Books
              Android is the mobile operating system which is used for handle android application. Android will be the future of mobiles because these will be user friendly and easily available on the web. This operating system is freeware on the internal. This operating system support the android application. This application is easily available on the internet. These is Linux based operating system which is more efficient than other operating system. Its performance is high and easy to understand. Google provide these service to download free of cost. These android application develop on the SDK manager and runs on AVD manager. Its easy to download SDK and AVD manager. I am giving below download links please refer it. Below I am providing books, e-books, development kit, development tutorial, address books these all are free of cost. am also providing many ebooks pdf they are HTML, Linux/UnixJAVA, and Java Interview Questions, Oracle.

Android e-Books free Download

Android Books Name Click to download pdf
You Should Know About Android Apps
Click here
Android Application Development
Click here
Android Programmer's Guide
Click here
Android: Installation, Setup and Getting Started
Click here
Android Development Tutorial
Click here
Develop Android applications with Eclipse
Click here
Audio books - Android Apps on Google Play
Click here
Installing Android SDK
Click here

Download Eclipse with Android SDK

Eclipse with Android SDK Click to download
Eclipse with Android SDK--32 bit
Click here
Eclipse with Android SDK--64 bit
Click here
Android Bada SDK--2.0.6
Click here
Android SDK Release 22.3
Click here

Download Android Interview Questions and Answers

Android Interview Tips Click to download
Android Top 45 Interview Question
Click here
Android Interview Questions and Answers
Click here
Android Sample Interview Questions
Click here
Android Sample Interview Q's and A's
Click here

For More details Go To : (Click here)
For Know History about Refer: (Click here)

Free ebooks Downloads for Red Hat Linux Server, Shell Scripting

Red Hat Linuxred hat Linux tutorial
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how to install red hat linux
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red hat linux certification
red hat linux commands with examples
red hat linux commands with examples pdf

Red Hat Linux
Importance of Linux/Unix
     1. Linux is the virus free operation System. So it have high security of data.
     2. Linux is Stable operating system, It can run continuously with same performance.
     3. Administration cost is less for Linux server.
     4. Linux source code is open. Any one can download and modify the source code of Linux.

Flavor of Unix 
     Operating system based on Unix source code is called Unix Flavor.
     Example: Linux, Solaries, HP-Ux, IBM-AIX, MAC-OS, SCO Unix.
     Flavor = (Core Unix Command) + (F1 Command) + (designed for Diff. hardware)

Combination of Linux
     Linux = Unix + GUI + Inbuilt MySql, Perl, Python, Ruby, OpenOffice, Mozilla

             am also providing many ebooks pdf they are HTMLJAVAJava Interview  Questions, Oracle and Android Mateials .

For Basics, Refer Following Books:

Start Of Linux Click to Download pdf Reffer Wikipedia
Linux Server
Click Here
Click Here
Linux Network Server
Click Here
Click Here
Installation of Samba Server on Linux
Click Here
Click Here
Linux shell/shell scriptingBasic level
Click Here
Click Here
Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and more
Click Here
Click Here
The Linux Command Line
Click Here
Beginning Linux Programming Line
Click Here
Linux Network Administrator's Guide
Click Here
Click Here
The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
Click Here
Click Here
Linux Kernel Architecture
Click Here
Click Here
Running Linux-(Instalation Guide)
Click Here
Click Here

For Exam Purpose

Linux Interview Questions Click to Download pdf
Linux Frequently Ask Questions PDF
Click Here
Linux Questions with Answers
Click Here
UNIX - LINUX Interview Questions and Answers PDF
Click Here
The Linux Installation
Click Here
Questions About Linux System Management
Click Here

Carrier/Job in Red Hat Linux (India) Details : Click Here
Certification for Red Hat Linux Details    : Click Here

ORACLE eBooks and detailed PDF

free ebooks for oracle
oracle 10g pdf books free download
oracle ebooks free download
oracle 11g books pdf for free download
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Oracle Notes

Hi Friend, My new blog is coming : Oracle Appsr12 Dump Installation

Why Database of Oracle?

           Oracle Database 11g, 10g introduces a multi architectures that makes it easy to deploy, manage database. Innovations such as Oracle Database, for using multiple databases quickly, and Automatic Data Storing and retriving, for compressing and tiering data with higher density, maximizes resources efficiency and also flexibility. These unique feature advancements, combined with major enhance work in these availability, security, and large data support, make Oracle Database 10g, 11g, 12c the ideal platform for private and public uses.  I am also providing many ebooks pdf they are HTMLLinux/UnixJAVAJava Interview Questions.NET and Android Mateials.

  Download Free Books For Oracle From Below Links with Books Name:

1. Oracle Full Documentation   :  Download (Click Here)
2. Oracle 10g CompleteDownload (Click Here)
3. Head First SQL:  Download (Click Here)
4. Oracle PL/SQL:  Download (Click Here)
5. Oracle Database 11g:  Download (Click Here)
6. Expert Oracle RAC 12c:Download (Click Here)
7. Teach Yourself Oracle in 21 Days: Download (Click Here)

For you want to know all about History Refer :  (Click Here) 
And All About Oracle Go to :  (Click Here)

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